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  • CCAT Telescope

    CCAT Telescope

    At 18,400 feet CCAT is the highest altitude ground-based telescope in the world. Conceived and managed by a global consortium of Universities, WDG's secure document repository and document review system enables the partners to organize the construction and operation of the telescope completely online.

  • GY Associates - Sustainable Development

    GY Associates - Sustainable Development

    GY Associates is a consulting firm based in the United Kingdom. Our content management system powers this site.

  • Sanzo Specialties, Inc.

    Sanzo Specialties, Inc.

    This client has been selling real estate supplies for over 60 years. WDG provided this traditional catalog retailer with a professional online store with highly customized pricing and invoicing capabilities that met the unique needs of their business customers.

  • Franziska Racker Centers

    Franziska Racker Centers

    Franziska Rackers Centers has been helping people with special needs in Ithaca, NY for over 50 years. Site uses the content management system and media gallery.

  • Institute for Genomic Diversity

    Institute for Genomic Diversity

  • Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics

    Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics

    Cornell Center for Comparative and Population Genomics (3CPG) is an interdisciplinary center established to foster research, education, and outreach in comparative and population genomics at Cornell University

  • Cornell Big Red Hockey

    Cornell Big Red Hockey

    Interactive fund raising site for the campaign to renovate Cornell University's Lynah Rink.  Donors could choose one or more seats in the stadium to "sponsor" and enter a custom dedication.  Features included a preview of the rink from the chosen seat, plus a preview of the custom plaque with their chosen dedication which will appear on that seat.

  • Cornell Center for Wildlife Conservation

    Cornell Center for Wildlife Conservation

    The CCWC is a “virtual center,” tying together students, faculty, and programs interested in various biophysical and social aspects of wildlife. Participation is open to the entire Cornell community, and current members represent a number of different Colleges and Departments across Cornell’s campus.

  • Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities

    Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities

    This global organization selected World Design Group to design and build a sophisticated Web application to manage all aspects of membership, elections, publishing scientific research, and even managing their annual conference.

  • Association and Conference Management

    Association and Conference Management

    Our conference module is just one part of the Web application for non-profit associations.

  • Intl. Association for Shell & Spatial Structures

    Intl. Association for Shell & Spatial Structures

    International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS) is an association of engineers based in Madrid, Spain. This site uses our journal review and publishing module in addition other AssociationNet modules.

  • Johnson Educational Consulting

    Johnson Educational Consulting

    An informational Web site full managed by the client through the content management system.

  • Remarkable Paint

    Remarkable Paint

    This client offers different pricing to difference users. Our custom solution lets the client add users into different pricing groups, and adjust the pricing per product based on the group.

  • Critter Hub

    Critter Hub

    A customized Points Redemption Web store for a Pet Products company. Point codes we generated were packaged with pet products. These codes where then entered into this site to be redeemed for merchandise.

  • Mr. Hookup

    Mr. Hookup

    This Baltimore company sells big screen entertainment systems to both retail and commercial accounts.

  • Dog-Powered Sports

    Dog-Powered Sports

    A Web store devoted to working dog enthusiasts.

  • University Admissions System

    University Admissions System

    GAPS was built for the unique workflow of graduate admissions and allows faculty and staff to process graduate student applications completely online. First developed for Cornell University, GAPS is available for license. To arrange for a demonstration please contact us.

  • Inventor Portal

    Inventor Portal

    A custom Web application that provides faculty inventors secure access to information about the patent, licensing and marketing activity for each of their inventions. For this project WDG also built a secure data link to the University's legacy system.

  • Technology Search

    Technology Search

    Public facing side to the  Inventor Portal.

  • Colart - Image Database

    Colart - Image Database

    Global image database for one of the oldest art supply companies in the world.

  • Cornell Entrepreneur Network

    Cornell Entrepreneur Network

    An Alumni events and networking Web application.

  • GE Dealer Express

    GE Dealer Express

    Before many people knew what the Internet was, WDG built Web-based software to enable car dealers to submit auto loans online to a lender. Originally built for a small New England finance company, a version of this loan application was developed and licensed to GE Capital.

  • GE Dealer Express - Example Worksheet

    GE Dealer Express - Example Worksheet

    The site enabled the dealer to produce the loan or lease contract completely online. Routine now, but not when we built this in 1997.