Scientific Web Sites

Ideal for University departments, research labs, or any scientific company or organization where researchers and other participants are spread around a building or across the globe. This Web site platform is specifically designed for any organization that needs to securely share, review and publish information online.

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  • Publish a public Web site, while maintaining a secure private site for groups of users.
  • File and document management.
  • Document reviewing: Send drafts to  reviewers, and collect reviews online.
  • Smart Search displays relevant search results to both public and logged in users.
  • Central content management can drive multiple sites, each with the same or different site design or "skin."


  • Secure platform and coding methodologies safeguards information.
  • Increased efficiency and time savings among project members.
  • Ease of administration.
  • Flexible and customizable: We can customize any part of the system for any group's unique needs.

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